If My Life Is A Song

If My Life Is a Song

If my life is a song,
you are
the beautiful melody
behind it.
Without you,
it’s missing a tune. . .
without you,
it’s not even worth humming. . .
without you,
even lalalala
is such an impossible thing!
For your love,
is the only music
my heart
will forever sing.


203 thoughts on “If My Life Is A Song

  1. Your words carry more than a melody, more than an enchanting rhythm, more than a kiss of love, more than a heavenly joy, for your heart sings
    a song that embraces another’s heart for endless moments…breathtakingly beautiful my sister, i have finally made it back to my computer and what I find is a priceless treasure…mahalo!

  2. ‘Without you,
    It’s missing a tune. . .
    Without you,
    It’s not even worth humming’. . .

    These verses stand out, dear Aina. Lovely poem.
    Kisses & I hope you have a marvelous friday and weekend ahead,
    Aquileana :D

    • Hello! 😊 please don’t mention it. No reciprocity needed (for my humble support). To follow a passionate and highly respectable fellow like you, is always an honor for me. Thank you for the inspiration, and for your generosity as well. God bless you! 😊

  3. I wrote the poem as pasted below and I meant it for you. But somehow it ended up on the blog of ainabalagtaso8o. Obviously it was by my simple mistake, and allow me to repost it on your blog as it was really meant for you. (Maybe I owe an apology to ainabalagtaso8o as she must have wondered why she received it from me.)

    Words are the vehicle
    But only for truth
    True heart is for peace and happiness
    Of all on the globe

    Over the land and seas
    Even to the antipodes
    Put on the vehicle of words
    Truth from heart will reach

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